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Bandipur – a bike trip from Bangalore to Nature’s adobe

Bandipur – a bike trip from Bangalore to Nature’s adobe

Bandipur is a natural ecosystem located in the state of Karnataka. It is spread over 874 kms and is part of the Nilgiri biosphere reserve. Bandipur is famous for the tiger reserve and also has the most number of wild elephants in South Asia and the most significant protected area in South India. You can take a two days trip from Bangalore to visit the Bandipur National Park, which houses a wide variety of wildlife and vegetation, including the endangered species.

Best time to Visit:

It is ideal for visiting during October to May. The winters and summers allow you to spot various flora and fauna. This is because the monsoons during the months from June to September face heavy showers, and the activities are restricted.

How to reach?
  • Car: Bandipur is located at 213 kms from Bangalore, and it takes 4 hours to get there by car.
  • Bus: Frequent buses operate from Bangalore to Bandipur, and you can reach in 3 to 4 hours.
  • Train: There are no direct routes from Bangalore to Bandipur. The nearest railway station is Mysore, which is at a distance of 80 kms.

Places to See:
    • Kabini reservoir is a rich source of water for the whole area and is located in the northeastern part. It is an excellent sight to your eyes due to the serene and lush green landscapes.
    • You can have a glimpse of lots of wildlife including bison, deers, jungle cat, elephants, and squirrels around the Moyar River, which is located in the southern region of Bandipur.
    • If you are planning a weekend getaways from Bangalore, do enjoy a relaxing, luxurious stay at the Serai resort, which offers a panoramic view of the Nilgiris mountain range.

Things to Do:
  • You can indulge in boating along the streams of the Kabini river, located in the Northern part of Bandipur National Park.
  • Bird watching is much sort after attraction at Bandipur. More than 200 species of birds flock the National Park throughout the year, especially in huge numbers during the breeding season during monsoon.
  • Wildlife safaris are a must when you visit the Bandipur National Park. It offers various experiences like the tiger safari, jeep safari, bus safari, and elephant safari.
  • Enjoy a trek to the peak of Gopalaswamy Betta hill, in the central region of Bandipur. One can easily spot elephants in this area, as they often come to the water sources here.

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