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Yercaud – Best time to visit, places to see and things to do

Yercaud – Best time to visit, places to see and things to do

Travel guide to yercaud :

A lake hill- station, with lush greenery and fog covered peaks located in the Eastern Ghats, would make you cringe for a two days trip from Bangalore. Yercaud, which translates to “the lake forest”, is situated in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu. It is located at an altitude of 4,970 feet above the sea level with abundant flora and fauna, which makes it an organic and serene attraction for nature lovers.

Ideal for: Sight-seeing, hilltop camping, and trekking

Best time to visit yercayd: the weather is dry and cold during the months from October to June, making it ideal for visiting. 

Visit duration – yercaud: it is perfect for a two days vacation. There will be a lot of people gathering there during the weekends of the peak season. 

How to reach yercaud by car/bus/train: 

by Car: To reach Yercaud by road, it approximately takes 5 hours. 

by Bus: If you are planning to travel by bus, there are no direct buses from Bangalore. You will have to reach Salem by bus, which takes 4 to 5 hours from Bangalore, then take a cab to Yercaud.

by Train: Yercaud does not have its train station. The nearest train station is at Salem, which is 30 kms away. There are cab services available from Salem railway station to reach Yercaud.

Distance from Bangalore to yercaud: 230 km

Pit stops on the way:

If you are planning on taking a bike ride from Bangalore, do stop multiple times on the way to enjoy the beauty of the calm breeze, thick green vegetations, and natural landscapes.
A few famous restaurants around are Eggetarian Restaurant, Waterfront Restaurant, and Karuppiah’s Chettinad Mess.

Things to do in yercaud:
  • Enjoy the calm and soothing waters of the famous Yercaud lake, also known as the Emerald lake.
  • Places like the rose garden and Anna park exhibits some amazing floral collections.
  • Enjoy the abundant coffee plantations, a variety of spice plantations like pepper and cardamom. Also, you get to enjoy the sight of oranges orchards planted everywhere around the hill station.
  • For trekkers, there are exciting options like the Tipperary point, and Kiliyur falls.


Nearby places to visit in yercaud: The famous attractions include: 

  • the Pagoda point road, which is a beautiful viewpoint.
  • The Kaveri peak.
  • Arthur’s seat.
  • The Lay’s seat.
  • The Sheveroy hills.
  • The Servarayan temple is situated on the summit, which is the highest point of the hill station and is at the altitude of 5,326 feet above the sea level.

Interesting facts about yercaud: A summer festival during May, is organized for 7 days and hosts a village fair, boating races, dog shows, and flower shows.
Yercaud is also known as the “Ooty of the poor” because it has but at a pocket- friendly budget.

Travel Tip :It is better to avoid visiting during the monsoon season because it gets difficult to plan for sightseeing during the heavy rains. But if you are someone who enjoys the downpour, you shouldn’t miss out on how beautiful the green lushes look during the rains.

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