My Story

Hi, I am Sofia and welcome to my blog. The reason behind this blog’s existence is quite unusual but yeah still l think the reason is valid enough. I like to share a lot about my experiences, activities and whatever I do. What better way to find a bigger and loyal audience than sharing it with thousands of people living on the other side of the computer, hence, the journey of a traveller to a storyteller embarked.  Another reason which really intrigued me to pen down my experiences is the lack of concrete information about various places to visit near Bangalore. I believe, Bangalore has a lot to offer, some of which cannot be googled right away. Aspiring to be a travel guide I try not to write about how to experience a place as its a personal preference, but what all you can experience in a place in a given time frame.

Who AM I?

I am an ordinary girl, who loves to tell stories, ride bikes, and live life to the fullest (depending on my wallet capacity though). I hail from a small town situated in West Bengal, approximately 40 km from the capital city of Kolkata. I grew up in a family which I could say, is both liberal and conservative at the same times. I did my graduation and secured a decent job, but the desire to move out of the daily routine stole my peace of mind. At one point my quest for freedom surpassed the decided rules of society and I decided to move out of my place and live life on my own.

Bangalore and Me

It was 2016 when I somehow managed to find a job in Bangalore and convinced my parents to let me go, promising them to return after two months, but the two-month period never seemed to end and I never went back home. Given the great fantastic weather it enjoys throughout the year, a great biking culture, hell lot of places to visit near Bangalore that satisfies your biker soul, and the live-and-let-live attitude of the inhabitants made me stay in Bangalore and make it my next home. I was never too confused about what I really have to do in life – get a decent job, own a bike and have enough money to travel to different destinations. Bangalore gave me all of it, today I earn a decent package, go on weekends trips, I am yet to own a bike, till then I try my skills on my friend’s bikes (lucky to have met them). So, yeah Bangalore is exactly the place or rather the ignition I needed to launch my rocket of dreams as to say. I am happy the way my life turned out toggling between my job and occasional bike rides or road trips in/around Bangalore.

The Writer and ME

Well, by profession I am a content writer, so it happens to be that I can juggle between words quite well, but when it comes to narrating my own journeys and travel stories, I never really gave it a thought. Many of my peers suggested to look at various travel sites and plan one of my own, and I simply ignored thinking why would be someone interested in reading my travel stories. But then, I started reading a lot, a lot of bloggers whose words are so powerful that they could make you pack your bag and start a journey to reach far mountains. I was mesmerized and spellbound. Thanks to a number of bloggers who don’t just work as a travel guide but provide a source of great motivation to me.

Why I started writing?

As mentioned at the beginning, I like to share my experiences with my friends, family and who not. I  started blogging with the thought that documenting whatever I have gone through during my travel days be it bad or good would help other travellers get a hint and tips to plan their trips in a better way. In my blogs, one can find ways to complete a trip with low-budget, as I prefer backpacking over luxury.

My journey so far

Although travelling was a thing that interests me from my very childhood, I only got the chance to be one after I came to Bangalore. In these two years, I have traveled to a number of tourist places and hill stations near Bangalore. I remember my very first bike ride to Nandi hills, just a week after I came to Bangalore. Since then, the journey didn’t seem to stop really. Every hope comes with the hope of travelling to a new place, meet new people and taste different food. As there are plenty of options to discover in the close vicinity of Bangalore, your weekends will definitely not be boring and stale. Bangalore is a vibrant city and it always has something to offer for everyone. Be it pub-hunting, gaming, leisure walks, photography strolls, adventure or fun, you will find a huge number of things to do in Bangalore that will definitely suit your cup of tea.

Me in a nutshell

Working as a: Content writer

Hail from: West Bengal

During weekends: Either tripping or clubbing

Love to do: Going on long bike rides, cook, and watch movies

What I want to do: Travel, travel, and travel. Period.

My lifeline: Constant motivation to live to travel the world

My assets: Nothing as much ..just my willpower I would say

My dream: To travel all the exotic places and try all the adventure sports

If I’d be the prime minister: I would increase annual leaves and probably make strict rules to safeguard tourists

My friends say: I am crazy

I am afraid of: Lizards and also not living my life enough

If I had 1 crore in my account: I would open a bike showroom and a travel agency