Upasana retreat – A pleasant stay near Kudremukh / Kalasa

upasana retreat resort

A Upasana Retreat is located at a stunning location bordering the Kudremukh National Park. For those who know about Kudremukh, you could imagine what the surroundings would be like. And for those who don’t know, you can imagine greenery at all sides, listening to the soothing sound of water streams, birds chirping and the cool breeze playing around you at all times. Kudremukh is recognized as one of the last biodiversity spots in the country and you won’t be disappointed coming here if your soul is searching for peace and relaxation.

Bike ride to Coorg in Monsoon

Bike ride to coorg

Our bike ride to Coorg was one of the most unforgettable experiences we had in our entire life. From non-stop rain, to getting lost in the jungle, dark pitch black roads to riding through the hairpin bends, one could not ask for more adventure in a single trip. We had it all, though a bit annoyed at one after one incidents taking toll on us, we are ready to go again without any second thoughts.

My First Bike Ride To Nandi Hills

nandi hills bike ride

It’s been only two weeks since I shifted to Bangalore, all I can say is – Life has never been so thrilling. The reason of choosing Bangalore to be my holy abode, is that I believed it to be a biker’s den. And needless to say, nothing would have pleased me more than a place to transfigure my dreams into reality.